Joshua Coombes is a London-based hairdresser who started

the #DoSomethingForNothing movement when he began offering

free haircuts to men and women living on the streets – and then sharing their stories.


TOMS is working with @joshuacoombes and @lightnoiseart to bring

to life an art show that uses creativity to shine a light on the lives of

people living on the streets.


Alongside the art show, TOMS is making a financial investment

to homeless organisations in each of the four cities to support

their awareness and outreach programmes - Centrepoint in Manchester,

The Rainbow Soulclub in Amsterdam, Give Something Back to Berlin

in Berlin, and La Rue Tourne in Paris.


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TOMS is partnering with today’s most inspiring
changemakers to

stand up for issues that matter.
Because it’s bigger than shoes.

It's what you do in them.





Joshua is taking a stand for dignity in TRVL LITE. The ultimate companion for citizens of the world, TRVL LITE provides all the comfort and durability that a go-anywhere mindset requires and is available in styles for men and women.


With local changemaker Joshua Coombes and a range of homelessness charities and organisations, TOMS is making a stand for DIGNITY. Joshua is a London-based hairdresser who started the #DoSomethingForNothing movement when he began offering free haircuts to the homeless community—and then sharing their stories. Together with @joshuacoombes and @LightNoiseArt TOMS is travelling to cities across Europe this March to bring to life an art show that helps homeless people to tell their stories with dignity.  In collaboration with local homeless organisations and charities in Manchester, Amsterdam, Berlin, and Paris, we’ll bring together
the local community and foster conversations about the role we all play in building a better tomorrow. As part of our wider corporate giving programme, TOMS is also making a financial investment in homeless organisations in each city to support their community outreach and inclusion programmes; Centerpoint  (Manchester), The Rainbow Soulclub (Amsterdam), Give Something Back to Berlin (Berlin) and La Rue Tourne (Paris).


I just helped a person in need by purchasing from TOMS. Join the movement.